Free Mixtape Cover Templates

Free Mixtape Cover Templates

Free Mixtape Cover Templates  at MixtapeCovers.Net has become the premiere sources for premium mixtape cover design files in photoshop format. Also offering custom cover and flyer designs. We love our clients and we offer these files totally free and for you to try and use our site. We appreciate any feed back. Try our other Template Website Here. 

We create and sell high-quality  templates that can be easily customize and made into your own design. We have a free download section, full of free designs that we post frequently and our premium design templates.

No more of days of wasting time on trying to make your own cover or hiring that guy with the ugly mixtape covers. Don’t catch the ugly mixtape cover disease. We have made it less complicated for you to design your own Mixtape or Flyer.

We make our designs industry standard, yet easy enough for a beginner at Photoshop to make changes to it and create an awesome cover design.

All our photoshop files are easy to edit and can save you time and money.