Genius Designs is a creative production company specializing in Mixtape Cover Designs and a subsidiary of Sheer Genius Design and marketing. We specialize in graphic design, and web development services for artist, clubs, and personal projects. Our team of designers combine their talents to create innovative, out-of-the-box designs that aim to set our clients apart from the competition. Our objective is to help our clients and their brand to effectively market and brand themselves . Our goal is to take your ideas and create the best marketing materials to reach their target audience.HERE A MIXTAPECOVERS.NET, WE TAKE PRIDE IN BEING FAST WITHOUT SACRIFICING QUALITY. WE KNOW THAT TIMING IS EVERYTHING AND BEING IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME WITH THE RIGHT PRODUCT IS PRICELESS,.TIME IS MONEY. LET’S GET THIS STARTED. ORDER NOW. We believe in having good communication between us and our clients. We want to be easy contact and easy to get along with. We want to build a long term relationship as you continue to grow in you you selected industry.


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Why choose Us to design your mixtape cover? Are you a rapper, singer, or producer and do you consider yourself serious about the music industry? If you are serious, you already know that image is everything and that you better make your first impression, your best impression. There are billions of albums, mixtapes, and singles available for download over the internet and there are millions more added daily. How do you stand out from all the clutter? You need artwork that grabs your audience and makes them want to listen to you. The only way to separate yourself from your competition is to get a quality design that says “I’m a serious artist and i take my craft seriously.” Promotion is the same whether you are promoting in the streets or on the web. You have to have that wow factor. Why Choose We are serious designer with over 8 years of experience in design! We are all about our customers and making you look good. Genius Designs is a trusted and creative design agency that delivers quality that is on budget and on time..